Penang Bird Park

Penang Bird Park's 5-acre land area is home to more than 300 species of birds from all over the world, including some rare and exotic ones. Its beautifully-landscaped gardens feature an impressive collection of flora amidst free-roaming pelicans, flamingoes, swans, storks and ducks. Penang Bird Park is also a home to a variety of wildlife species such as deers, reptiles and tortoises.

Mengkuang Dam

The biggest dam in Penang with a storage capacity of 23, 639 million litres of water is located in the Mengkuang Valley north of Bukit Mertajam on the mainland. At the same time, here is also a haven for nature lovers, the dam features a well-landscaped garden with rubber, pinang and pine trees and some wildlife. Besides using the jogging tracks and walking trails, fitness buffs also hold regular sporting and recreational activities. Mengkuang Dam is also one of the venues for the annual Penang International Dragon Boat Festival.

St. Anne's Church

The church was named after St. Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and has a sitting capacity of 1,800. Celebrations are held on a grand scale annually in conjunction with the annual St. Anne's Feast (in the month of July) which is usually followed by two nights of candelight procession by thousands of devotees at the church grounds. Every year on 29 July, the St. Anne's Festival is an annual event where Penang's Catholics congregate in St. Anne's Church to pay homage to their patron saint. Saint Anne's Feast is held here annually at the end of month of July. This attracting thoudsands of crowds up to a quarter of a million and culminating in a candle light procession.

Temple of the "Ninth Emperor God"

This temple will be decorated for the annual Nine Emperor Gods (Kew Ong Yeah) festival on every 9th month of Chinese Lunar Calendar. This is a very beautiful temple. The building architecture is impressive. The sculptures and carvings are very neat and nice! The temple was constructed in 2000 by about 50 craftsmen from China which has three grand prayer halls, replaces an older temple that was built next to it in 1971.

Sunway Carnival Shopping Complex

Sunway Carnival Mall is located at the town centre of Seberang Jaya, Penang, northern Malaysia. Shoppers can find variety selection in fashion, accessories, shoes, jewellery, timepieces, music, videos, gifts, souvenirs, leathers, books, pharmacies, electrical products, home decor, cineplex, restaurant, cafes and an amusement centre.